Thursday, 1 January 2009

Treasured vintage!

Thank you to a lovely Etsian, cynmb, for including me in her latest, beautiful treasury west! Cyn curates stunning treasuries, and I am so flattered that she chose one of my vintage items from my Orange Peel store to include amongst these other Etsy sellers; what a super way to start the New Year :)

Please enjoy and visit mine and these other Etsy stores; you can also click the treasury link below to comment while the list is still active...

Click on the image for a larger view, or follow this Etsy link:

Take a closer look at this beautiful, featured vintage curvy glass vase:

Luxuriate in vintage clothing

This elegant pants suit would be gorgeous for a Summer dinner or an evening out with friends. Set in a silky cream palate, the suit is as soft on the skin as it is on the eyes. Some simple gold or silver jewelry can be added as fashionable accessories to make this outfit really shine! Also pictured is a stylish coral colored hat to shield your face from that hot summer sun. It gives the whole look just a bit more color and flair. Because of the weave of the pants suit, it creates a strip on strip illusion, very subtle but also very slimming; it also comes with a tie sash. The model pictured is 5’9 and 130 pounds; wearing two inch high heels. The pants suit is listed as a medium size, so whereever you choose to step out wearing this attire - whether it's at a getaway cruise, or a quiet summer party - you’ll be sure to be stepping out in style!

This full length, flowing, peach colored bath robe is an absolute must have for those balmy summer nights. If you’re stepping out of the tub, or coming out of the pool, this robe is guaranteed not only to keep you dry but also cloaked in sophisticated good looks! Positively vintage and retro, the robe is still as elegant and wearable as it was back in the day. Perfect for those unique individuals who are always looking for another piece for their diverse wardrobe, this robe is the next great addition. Once again, the model pictured is 5’9 and 130 pounds; and wearing two inch heels. The size is given as medium wear and it drapes beautifully as a full length, long sleeved bath robe.

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